How to Join AITA/IATA


The first and maybe most important way is by creating a theatre performance to participate in an AITA/IATA supported event…

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Become a National Centre Member

For organisations who are a network, a concentrator of activities, local and global, who are working proactively in the field of amateur theatre and who are an official body representing amateur theatre activity on a national level or in a self-governing territory which is a part of a country.

Become an Associate Member

For individual people, organisations or groups who are actively involved in amateur theatre.

Link to the Membership Form for both National Centre and Associate Members

Below is the link to the AITA/IATA Membership Form for joining either as a National Centre Member or an Associate Member. If you have difficulty accessing the form, email the secretariat - - for a Word Version. Before you complete this form, please go to the appropriate pages at the links above to ensure that you qualify to join AITA/IATA.

What can AITA/IATA do for you ?

If you want to make friends with like-minded people working in the theatre, mainly on a non-professional basis, and take the opportunity to transport your theatre beyond your own national borders, then AITA/IATA exists for you.

AITA/IATA is the global voice of amateur theatre, providing data and information to practitioners, businesses, other arts and non-profit organisations, as well as the media and representatives of local, state and national governments.

When you join AITA/IATA you will be a part of an organisation dedicated to quality and live theatre as a contributing player in the world’s communities. AITA/IATA will be your partner in ambition.

Membership Benefits

Joining the Association will enable you to:

➜ Become part of a network with a global support system and share ideas, experiences, problems and successes with amateur theatre practitioners worldwide

➜ Gain official international status for your national theatre organisation or festival

➜ Publicise your international event through the AITA/IATA network

➜ Participate in the World Festivals of Amateur Theatre and in any international festival organised by an AITA/IATA-linked organisation

➜ Bring a group to the world Festival of Amateur Theatre

➜ Bring a group to the world Festival of Children’s Theatre

➜ Join international workshops, seminars, training courses and symposia offered by AITA/IATA Members, Regions and Networks

➜ Bid to organise and host an AITA/IATA international festival or event in your own country

➜ Vote in AITA/IATA World Congresses to help shape policies that train young directors, aid practitioners in developing nations, create workshops & festivals, and much more

Find us online, anytime because AITA/IATA’s website includes news summaries, membership directory, a global calendar of events, & more.

Reach out to AITA/IATA

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