How to Join AITA/IATA


The first and maybe most important way is by creating a theatre performance to participate in an AITA/IATA supported event…

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Become a National Centre Member

For organisations who are a network, a concentrator of activities, local and global, who are working proactively in the field of amateur theatre and who are an official body representing amateur theatre activity on a national level or in a self-governing territory which is a part of a country.

Become an Associate Member

For individual people, organisations or groups who are actively involved in amateur theatre.

What can AITA/IATA do for you ?

If you want to make friends with like-minded people working in the theatre, mainly on a non-professional basis, and take the opportunity to transport your theatre beyond your own national borders, then AITA/IATA exists for you.

AITA/IATA is the global voice of amateur theatre, providing data and information to practitioners, businesses, other arts and non-profit organisations, as well as the media and representatives of local, state and national governments.

When you join AITA/IATA you will be a part of an organisation dedicated to quality and live theatre as a contributing player in the world’s communities. AITA/IATA will be your partner in ambition.

Membership Benefits

Joining the Association will enable you to:

➜ Become part of a network with a global support system and share ideas, experiences, problems and successes with amateur theatre practitioners worldwide

➜ Gain official international status for your national theatre organisation or festival

➜ Publicise your international event through the AITA/IATA network

➜ Participate in the World Festivals of Amateur Theatre and in any international festival organised by an AITA/IATA-linked organisation

➜ Bring a group to the world Festival of Amateur Theatre

➜ Bring a group to the world Festival of Children’s Theatre

➜ Join international workshops, seminars, training courses and symposia offered by AITA/IATA Members, Regions and Networks

➜ Bid to organise and host an AITA/IATA international festival or event in your own country

➜ Vote in AITA/IATA World Congresses to help shape policies that train young directors, aid practitioners in developing nations, create workshops & festivals, and much more

Find us online, anytime because AITA/IATA’s website includes news summaries, membership directory, a global calendar of events, & more.

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