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World Theatre Day 2024

Since 1962 World Theatre Day has been celebrated by theatre organisations, theatre universities and theatre lovers across the globe on 27 March. Every year, AITA/IATA invites its members and amateur theatre companies from all over the world, to join the celebrations by sharing their events on our website.

You can see who has shared their event on the World Theatre Day page of this website at the link below. Thank you to all who have shared their performances and a special thanks to Sir Ian McKellen who recorded a special message for all members of AITA/IATA.

Let the World See You!

We are amateur theatre!

Do you have a performance, a workshop, a festival or theatre event coming up? Would you or your group like to host the Weareamateurtheatre Instagram page for one week?

The Instagram page Weareamateurtheatre exists to celebrate and share activities that are happening all over the world through amateur theatre.

The International Amateur Theatre Association (AITA/IATA) has created an Instagram account for amateur theatre companies around the globe to showcase yourselves for a week at a time - let the whole world see what you are doing, share your theatre activities, celebrate amateur theatre and meet other theatre makers.

If you have a big event or a week packed with rehearsals and/or performances coming up, book the Weareamateurtheatre Instagram page for your use and let us meet you and learn a bit about you and how you make theatre.

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Upcoming Events

Member & AITA/IATA events!

Check our events list to learn more about our upcoming events.

Upcoming events include member events or events oganised by AITA/IATA.

Join us and to share your events with everyone in our global network.

Amateur Theatres Around the World

Are you an amateur theatre or a community theatre? Pin your theatre on the world map!

If you represent an amateur or community theatre based anywhere in the world, you can put your company on the world map, and let the whole world see where you are.

The International Amateur Theatre Association (AITA/IATA) has created a map to demonstrate how active and broad the amateur theatre scene is around the world. 

Pin your company on the map and help us show just how big the global amateur theatre family really is!

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