AITA/AITA Masterclasses

AITA/ITA plans to offer a series of online Masterclasses each one in a different language for the benefit of both AITA/IATA Members and those interested in amateur theatre. There will be a small charge for each event and a benefit of AITA/IATA Membership is the cost to Members will be a discount of 50% of the cost. 

On 21 April 2024, the first AITA/IATA Masterclass in English was on Intimacy in Theatre – details below.  This was attended by 12 people and very positive comments were received after the event. 

AITA/AITA Masterclass Intimacy in Theatre with Elodie Foray
held 21 April 2024

AITA/IATA offered the first in a series of Masterclasses on how to address and work with actors and directors on intimacy in the rehearsal room.

The fee to attend the event was €20. For AITA/AITA Members, there was a 50% discount using a code which was available from the secretariat and reduced the fee to €10.


This was the first AITA/IATA Masterclass to be offered to AITA/IATA Members and was in English. Within the next 12 months, it is planned to also offer a Masterclass in French, and one in Spanish.

Elodie Foray, from the Archway Theatre, in South London addressed the subject of Intimacy in Theatre. A trained practitioner she has gained practical experience of working with directors and cast members in a number of amateur theatres in the UK.  President Aled Rhys-Jones introduced the event and Elodie spoke for around 40 minutes which was followed by a most interesting Q & A.

Intimacy Directing

Theatre can often feature various moments of intimacy between different characters. Clear, sensitive intimacy direction is essential to create a safe, secure environment for our performers, allowing them to thrive on stage.

Using a combination of physical exercises, open discussion and boundary-conscious choreography, Intimacy Directing aims to leave scene partners feeling more aligned, empowered and prepared for their performance.

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