Hungary, Debrecen 2023

An AITA/IATA World Festival from the National Centre Member in Hungary

A Few Words about the Festival

During the 2021 AITA/IATA World Festival in Monaco, Dr Zigismond, Lakó, representative of the Hungarian National Centre, spoke on behalf of Janos Regos and made a short PowerPoint presentation. He represented the university and city of Debrecen who wish to host the 2023 AITA/IATA GA and World Festival. Debrecen has the second largest university in Hungary and work is ongoing to rebuild the main theatre and the building of a new theatre, both of which will be ready in 2023.

Early in 2022, AITA/IATA President Aled Rhys-Jones visited Debrecen at the invitation of the Hungarian National Centre. He inspected the proposed theatre venues, the town and the university. He was impressed by what he saw and is confident that Debrecen will make a very suitable location for an AITA/IATA World Festival and AITA/IATA General Assembly.

Since his visit, the situation in Ukraine makes the holding of an event in Debrecen, a 2 hour drive from the Ukrainian border, somewhat problematic. A decision on whether the event can go ahead will be taken by the Hungarian organisers in mid-May.

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