Japan - Toyama 2022

The World Festival of Children's Performing Arts

(July 30- August 3)

Message from the Organiser

The Executive Committee of the World Festival of Children’s Performing Arts in Toyama, would like to inform you that the application process for the participation in “The World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Toyama, 2022 (PAT2022)” has now been closed.

Sincerely yours,

The Executive Committee of the World Festival of Children’s Performing Arts in Toyama:

 ➜  Akira KINOSHITA (President)

 ➜ Yukihito FUNAMOTO (Vice President)

 ➜ Haruka KASAI (Director)

Application Process (closed)

The application process in now closed. 

More news about the selected performances and groups will be published very soon.

If you have any questions about the event, you can contact the festival organiser.

A Few Words about the Festival

The festival has a long history going back to 1977 and 1983 when the Theatre Company BUNGEIZA from Toyama held the first ever international amateur theatre festival in Asia.

Hoping that the pandemic will be settled by summer 2022, the organisers have been eagerly preparing to share the joy with children all over
the world, through the performances by children and adults for children, and international cultural exchanges under the theme “We build the future”. 

This Festival aims to promote mutual cultural exchange and friendship among the participants through the artistic performances of various genres (theatre, dance, music, etc.) and various exchange activities like workshops, an excursion in Toyama Prefecture, exchange party, etc, to deepen the mutual understanding, friendship and to learn about each other’s culture. 

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