Curtain Up!
The Kids are Back
Held on Sunday 5 March 2023

International Children’s and Youth Theatre Digital Conference

  • What have we Learned?
  • What more can be done?
  • Giving the kids a voice..

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Conference Recording

Are you looking for ways to improve and expand your educational theatre program or want new inspiration after the long struggles during the pandemic? 
The AITA/IATA CYTheatre group put together a diverse and fascinating one-day online programme, via Zoom, for those interested or involved in theatre with children and young people.

A Diverse and Fascinating Programme

The program included international speakers like Fredyl Hernandez from the Philippines; Lilian Mbabazi from Uganda; Liliana Galvan from Peru; Galo Ivan Granda Sarmiento from Ecuador; and Shoaib-Iqbal from Pakistan
Keynote speaker, Professor Gillian McNally the University of Northern Colorado spoke about the importance for children and youth to have the ability to work with theatre and her experience on working with theatre for the very young.
Edith Coen from Belgium, who is working on her Masters and interviewed amateur theatre organisations about the impact of COVID and other issues on their theatre’s young people and youth programmes, reported on her findings.

Surangi Kosala

Nurturing Creativity as a Right in Season and out of Season (EN)

Su Rong​

Nurturing Creativity as a Right in Season and out of Season (EN)

Fredyl Hernandez​

Nurturing Creativity as a Right in Season and out of Season (EN)

Hyejin Yun

Nurturing Creativity as a Right in Season and out of Season (EN)

Elisabeth Toulet​

Le personnage de théâtre pour enfant, ce grand éducateur de l’enfant (FR)

Lillian Mbabazi

Finding the Voice of the Young Person in Theatre for Young Audiences (EN)

Elia Ballovari Varsi

Indigenous Theatre in Norway (EN)

Edith Coen​

The Future of International Children's and Youth Theatre Festivals (EN)


Lunch Break with Workshops for Youth (EN)

Roxanna Avila Harper​

Lunch Break with Workshops for Youth (SP)

Gillian McNally​

Keynote Speaker (EN)

Liliana Galvan​

The Art of Trusting Again (ES)

Shoaib Iqbal​

Performance and Theater for Young Audiences in PostPandemic Times (EN)

Ekaterina Vetrov​

Work ensemble: communication, trust, friendship, collective creation (EN)

Galo Granda Sarmiento​

Involucr-Arte / Get Involved (ES)

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