ITE – International Theatre Exchange Great Britain

(includes England, Scotland and Wales - N. Ireland falls to the island of Ireland)

National Centre 84, Self Governing Territory (SGT), United Kingdom, CEC region

President: Kevin Dowsett

c/o The Questors Theatre, 12 Mattock Lane, London W5 5BQ, Great Britain UK

Contact: Vice-President (of ITE), Aled Rhys-Jones

Updated March 2021

The Questors Theatre

Associate 166 CEC region

Chairman: Doug King

12, Mattock Lane London, W5 5BQ, Great Britain

  • Tel: +44 (0) 20 8567 0011

Contact: Anne Gilmour

Updated April 2023

The Unknown Theatre Company

Associate 272, CEC region

c/o Roath Church House, Waterloo Road CF23 6DD,  Wales, Great Britain UK

  • Tel: +44 (0) 2920 766 056
  • Cell: +44 (0) 7482 301 117

Contact: Jane Donoghue

Updated February 2016

Aled Rhys-Jones

Associate 285, CEC region

AITA/IATA President

Wales, Great Britain UK

Updated March 2022

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