The motto:

"Children Move the World"

Children move the world, they disarrange it, change it, re-design it.

When children play for children, they show each other their views of the world – and how they would like to change it. The childlike theatre play turns into a mirror of a possible future.

Especially in a time where more and more people, who have left everything behind, who are in search of a new home, and who seek to be here with us; come to us, the common play of theatre may become a form of encounter.

At the World Festival of Children’s Theatre, children who have experienced the escape form war, and children, who join the festival along with their theatre group, will encounter each other. The theatre initiatives with refugees of the Center of Theatre Education (TPZ Lingen) will be incorporated into the festival.

Within the event there will be numerous initiatives and approaches that introduce theatre work with refugees to a broad public.

Because the stage is the place where our wishes, dreams, and desires are given shape.

Every 4 years, the world AITA/IATA assembles for the

World Festival of Children’s Theatre

22-29 June 2018, Lingen/Ems Germany

All information on the festival website