Our Members: National Centres and Affiliates

A National Centre is a national network, a concentrator of activities, local and global, working proactively in the field of amateur theatre and an official body representing amateur theatre activity on a national level.  Due to specific political structures in some countries, several National Centres can be functioning as representative bodies of self-governing territories as a part of  these countries.

National Centres network with amateur theatre organisations throughout their country or self-governing territory. They communicate and co-ordinate information from AITA/IATA asbl to these organisations. National Centres are Full Members and have 6 votes at General Assembly.

An Affiliate Member is a national representative body that is working towards the establishment of a National Centre or an official representative organisation of a self-governing territory.  Affiliate Members have 2 votes at General Assembly.

The annual Membership Fee for Members and Affiliates is as follows:

Full Member or Affiliate Member in HDI Category 1 (Very High) Country     € 350

Full Member or Affiliate Member in HDI Category 2 (High) Country              € 250

Full Member or Affiliate Member in HDI Category 3 (Medium) Country        € 150

Full Member or Affiliate Member in HDI Category 4 (Low) Country               €   25

For reference HDI (Human Development Index United Nations) information is available HERE.

Reports with HDI Index are available in English, French and Spanish.

Member Application Form

To become a National Centre of its country, an organisation first has to be proposed by Council to and accepted by the General Assembly.