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The first and maybe most important way is by creating a theatre performance to participate in an AITA/IATA supported event…

Who can join AITA/IATA and what are the benefits ?

Anyone can join AITA/IATA… How ?

There are three simple ways to do this:

- if an organisation is a network, a concentrator of activities, local and global, working proactively in the field of amateur theatre and an official body representing amateur theatre activity on a national level or in a self-governing territory which is a part of a country, it can apply to become a National Centre Member.

- if there is already a National Centre Member in your country, then any indvidual, organisation or group involved in amateur theatre can reach AITA/IATA and our services through them. In each self-governing territory part of your country, an additional National Centre Member can join the organisation.

- if an individual, an organisation or a group, actively involved in amateur theatre, wants to create a direct link with AITA/IATA, then it can join the organisation by becoming an AITA/IATA Associate Member.

AITA/IATA is your gateway to a wider and more rewarding international theatre experience.  In each country listed on this page, AITA/IATA has a National Centre or one or more Associate Members, or a combination of both.  

We invite you to explore the world of AITA/IATA…

In this section of this website, you can find events organised by our Members National Centres and Associate Members.

What can AITA/IATA do for you ?

If you want to make friends with like-minded people working in the theatre, mainly on a non-professional basis, and take the opportunity to transport your theatre beyond your own national borders, then AITA/IATA exists for you.

AITA/IATA is the global voice of amateur theatre, providing data and information to practitioners, businesses, other arts and nonprofit organisations, as well as the media and representatives of local, state and national governments. When you join AITA/IATA you will be a part of an organisation dedicated to quality and live theatre as a contributing player in the world’s communities. AITA/IATA will be your partner in ambition…

Other membership benefits enable you to…

Find us online, anytime because AITA/IATA’s website includes news summaries, membership directory, a global calendar of events, & more.