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2019 May 23 - May 26

Stuttgart GERMANY International Amateur Theatre Festival (ITAS)

Theatre without borders“ – is the motto of the first International Amateur Theatre Festival in Stuttgart (ITAS).

The goal of the festival is to find common ground for the cultural meeting of non- professional theatre ensembles from every corner of the globe to make new experiences, to build networks, to learn from one another.

All participants will perform in their native language. The audience will receive a short introduction for each play.

The festival is organised by THAG THEATER and Theater am Olgaeck, Stuttgart.

We welcome small ensembles with short plays. We would be very glad to feature migrant theatre groups.

Please send your application with photos and video along with description of the theatre group and the play.

Deadline for applications

10 March 2019.

Address: Theater am Olgaeck, Charlottenstraße 44, 70182 Stuttgart, GERMANY